Vista 64-Bit Review – Is the 64-bit playground worth it?


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Final Results

We see an overall performance increase of about 11% by moving to a 64-bit OS. Native 32-bit programs (the majority of all the programs you run now) run in the Vista 64-bit environment generally perform at the same speed or within a few percentage points of 32-bit Vista. And programs coded with 64-bit extensions can boost performance substantially. This is a pretty dramatic performance upgrade that can be had without adding any new hardware or even overclocking, and if you already own a retail version of vista, it is completely free!

Reasons to Upgrade:

-There’s essentially no performance hit, or compatibility issues (between Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit)
-Drivers are ready (Nvidia and AMD both have drivers for 64 and 32 bit, and are released at the same time)
-64 bit is the future. (In the coming years, 64-bit will take over completely, jump on the bandwagon.)
– Applications with 64-bit extensions are out there, enhancing performance dramatically.
– Your processor is 64-bit for a reason.

Reasons Not to Upgrade:

-You use Cisco VPN (this is the only program I could find that would just not run on 64-bit vista (although I did find a workaround using VirtualPC 2007 🙂 )
-You have an essential program that you know to be 64-bit incompatible.
-You encode a lot of divx files and don’t want to bother finding a 64-bit codec.


The truth is, I’m kicking myself for not having moved to 64-bit Vista earlier, there are almost no disadvantages and a whole host of reasons to upgrade to Vista 64-bit over Vista 32-bit. I hope this review can help you make the leap as well. 64-bit is the future, and many have been using 64-bit for years now (64-bit XP Professional). It isn’t as scary as you think and you will be glad you did.

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