eXoid.com News Update

Well, one of this website’s articles got accepted at slashdot, hardocp, and digg. I would like to extend appreciation to those sources. We have now gotten 30,000 hits in the past 12 hours! Congratulations eXoid. Luckily the day before this all happened, I moved the sites content from my homemade server at home to a professional host, and just in time too! My homeade server could NEVER have handled all that traffic.

To all newcomers.. Welcome to eXoid. This website is in its infancy, but we have big plans for it. I encourage you to bookmark this site, or subscribe to our RSS feed, and most of all.. come back soon. We plan on releasing many articles, stories and tips to help you utilize your computer more efficiently, have more fun, save money, and in general… Tweak your Life.

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