Demonoid Missing in Action

DemonoidIt looks like everybody’s favorite torrent tracker has bit the dust late last night/ early this morning. After a rocky past few months, having to relocate from their servers in the Netherlands, to what they thought would be a better location in Canada. But due to pressure from The CRIA, it looks like Demonoid’s hosting provider has stopped service. The server however is still pingable, although the website cannot be pulled up. Unfortunately, the trackers are down as well, and everyone’s upload stats will not be sent to demonoid, so if you were looking to raise your ratio, you won’t be doing that anytime soon, but please, keep seeding 🙂 . We hope to hear of a new relocation from the operators of demonoid soon.

 (EDIT) Looks like demonoid is back, and they wont have to move, after being contacted by the CRIA, it looks like they will just have to block all canadian traffic. But demonoid is back!

(Double EDIT 11-01-2008)
Demonoid is now down again 🙁

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