Windows Home Server – Preview

Windows Home ServerI had the chance to play with Microsoft’s Latest OS, Windows Home Server over the weekend. It is configured quite differently from the standard windows OS you are used to. For starters, this OS is meant to function basically as a network appliance, in fact it is recommended that the computer that has this installed not even have a monitor or keyboard attached. I will go over some of the features in an upcoming article. But for those of you who own multiple computers, or have a large amount of files to backup may find this product useful. Especially if you have a few spare parts around to build a computer out of. I loaded up this OS with my D201GLY2 motherboard ($65), paired it with a pair of 500GB hard drives I had, and placed it in a spare case I had. Pretty inexpensive way to get a home server running, and the D201GLY2 is plenty powerful for functioning as a windows server.

More details to come..

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