Vista SP1 = Dramatic boost in file transfers

I just though I would chime in really quick on what I have been seeing now that I have Vista SP1 installed on my home computers. Before SP1, I was seeing about 20MB/sec transfer rates over my gigabit lan. SP1 has made a huge difference on the speed of my gigabit network. I am now seeing transfers peak at 60MB/sec with an average transfer rate of 40MB/sec. Now that’s more like it! I just thought gigabit hardware was maxed out, but apparently not. This extra boost will help out since I am still trying to recover from my Windows Home Server Fiasco that left my files scattered accross all my drives (in no particular order.) Either way, Im a happy camper so far with SP1, although I am kind of disappointed that vista was not this fast from the get-go. I mean you’d think it wouldnt have bottlenecked the networking capabilities so much.
Otherwise, I haven’t seen any other dramatic changes in the way SP1 handles things vs Original flavored Vista, but I will keep an eye out.

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