More File Transfer Comparisons with Vista SP1

I just did another test with Vista SP1, This time comparing copying a folder conatining random data and photos from a Vista SP1 machine to a WindowsXP machine, and then the same folder from the Vista SP1 Machine to another Vista SP1 machine. Both these PCs are equipped with Gigabit Network and comparisons were run while no other programs were running.

Vista SP1 to WinXP Results:

Average 19.98MB/Sec
Peak 28MB/Sec

Vista SP1 to Vista SP1 Results: drug eruption coumadin cr mg 12.5 paxil

Average Copy Speed 26 MB/Sec
Peak Copy Speed 46MB/Sec

Other Results:

 For another Test, I transfered 58GB of random personal files and videos over the network from a SP1 machine to another. Here is a screenshot capturing my results:

As you can see, we are peaking out here at 64.1MB a second with an average of 33.7, (later in the copy it reached 36MB/sec average speed.) Pretty darn impressive for network transfers.

This next little screenshot is pure WMV video files copying, which for some reason seem to copy quicker.

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