Intel's D201GLY2 – Versatile, Powerful, Fun.

I’m in love with Intel’s new mini-itx “sub-value” offering, the D201GLY2. This tiny board (6.75″x6.75″) is packed with value and functionality. For as little as $50, you can get almost an entire computer with this package,  you can get a 64-bit processor (Conroe-L), badged as a Celeron 220, soldered onto a motherboard featuring adequate onboard video and sound. Just Pop in some cheap DDR2 Memory and a Hard Drive and you are well on your way to a computer for less than $130. But it isn’t just the conventional computer abilities of this board that makes it a winner, there are so many possibilities for this board in custom applications I’ve used this platform to build a carPC, a homebuilt NAS, just to name a few. There are more features and possibilities to discuss.

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