NES Computer – Stealth Edition


Project completed! Here is the Youtube video of it in action:

You can still view the worklog(more pictures and guide to building NES PC!) here:

Here are two pictures of my next project:


Can you guess what I’m going to do with these goodies?
That’s right, I will be building a retro gaming computer using my favorite mini-itx board the D201GLY2, and my trusty companion that has been in the family for longer than most of my brothers and sisters. The goal with this build is going to be complete sleeper looks. What I mean by that is that the NES will be absolutely indistinguishable from a stock NES, completely stealth. I have seen a lot of NES’s built into computers on the web, but none have a completely stock look. In fact the majority look like frankenstein hack jobs. Hopefully mine will only look like that if you open the case. I have some original ideas that will make this build very unique and hopefully pretty gosh dang awesome.

If you want to see the worklog, please sign up and visit the forums by following this link:

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