AutoVid 0.9b Automatic WMV Encoding

AutoVid is an automated WMV video encoder suitable for encoding high quality video from mkv and avi formats to wmv formats which are playable on the PC and also the XBOX 360.


AutoVid allows you to setup source and destination paths, and automatically encode the files that show up in the source path to a wmv file in the destination path. When teamed with automated torrent downloads, it is a powerful method of automatically download, encoding and placing videos or television shows into your media library that can be accessed by both computers and media center extenders.
It should also be noted that AutoVid is not a true program, it is a BATCH FILE SYSTEM, or collection of scripts and programs that facilitate encoding, the work is done by the programs used by AutoVid

Download the latest build ( by clicking here

Download the latest build ( by clicking here

For More information, read the AutoVid Instructions Here

Also visit the forum if you have questions:

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