eXoid.com Technology Podcast Episode 2 – Future of Television, SteadyState, Apple vs Microsoft, Notebooks

Episode 2:
We are at it again, your end user source for all your technology info cravings. We discuss some usefull tips for your SSD, the future of television as we know it, Microsoft SteadyState, mixed with more discussion of Apple vs. Microsoft. And also a long history of our notebooks we have owned and what we liked about each of them. Show notes Below:

(1:15 – 5:30) eXoid Quick Tip
We give you some tips on optimizing windows OS for SSD
We also discuss a few apple iPhone tips.

(5:45 – 11:45) The new Samsung LED TVs

(12:00 – 20:45) Future of Television
Discusion ensues about Hulu Desktop, the future of advertising in television, and the DTV changeover that occurred.

(20:45 – 37:45) Microsoft Steadystate and another classic Apple vs Microsoft Debate.

(38:00 – End) Discussion about our long history with notebooks and our preferences in a mobile computer.
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