Building a Retro NES PC V2.0 – Part I & Introduction

I built my first Nintendo PC back in 2008, dubbed the Stealth NES Retro Gaming PC (see here). I sold that unit long ago, and the bug has bitten me again. I have decided to rebuild another NES PC that will serve as not only a retro gaming unit, but also my main HTPC. Technology has advanced quite a bit since 2008, and I should be able to build a very low power, low heat output machine that can confortably live in my living room in all its “8-bit” glory.

Some of the same elements used in the 2008 build will remain, a clean stock look, with emphasis on being “stealth” however I am not going for an all out approach to looking exactly like a stock NES unit. My last NES PC build was entirely indistinguishable from a stock NES, however I will make exception this time around by working in a HDMI port somewhere on the machine. (still need to work the details out).

I intend to take my time and make no mistakes on this build. It may take a few months, it may take a year. I plan on releasing sequential videos on how this build is taking place and how I do it.

Here’s part one: Overview of the Stock NES and cleaning.

See Part Two Here.

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