So Here is why I switched to Android and then Switched back to iPhone.

So my experiment with Android OS on the Nexus One is over, I have found myself slinking back to Apple… Here’s a conversation detailing why:

Steve: Still glad you switched to android? 12:25 PM
Me: No, the app store sucked, I got an iphone4 12:28 PM
Me: had my brother sell my nexus to someone out of his store. 12:29 PM
Steve: Sellout 12:29 PM
Steve: Nice 12:29 PM
Me: lol, yeah, are you on android now? or did you get an iphone4? 12:29 PM
Steve: Still have my iPhone 3GS 12:30 PM
Steve: Do you like your iphone4? Is it really that much better? 12:31 PM
Me: The reason I got the nexus over my 3gs before iphone4 was out was because of the higher resolution, i love the higher res, it is sweet for viewing images, reading websites, whatever. other than that the 3GS seems just as good, the gyroscope is a gimmick 12:32 PM
Me: There were tons of little things that sucked about the nexus though, like I couldn’t dimm the brightness as good as the iphone, it had basically 3 levels, so when I would read stuff at night in bed, it was super bright. 12:34 PM
Me: I missed the hardware sound on/off, it was so easy not to have to turn the phone on, navigate to the sound panel, then disable sound. its so much easier to flick a switch. 12:34 PM
Steve: Yeah, much nicer. I wouldn’t mind if the phone had a few more buttons 12:35 PM
Me: the android media experience is crap. I even bought some music apps that were a little better, but they basically sucked. 12:35 PM
Me: The buttons on the bottom of the nexus screen were super hard to push, and they were important buttons for navigating apps. You had to push lower than what the icon actually showed. 12:36 PM
Me: So there were just of tons of little things that pissed me off about it. I did like the search functions and GPS turn by turn navigation, the roller ball was kinda cool for games, but iphone is overall a much better experience, tons more cool apps. There were maybe one or two cool games on android and thats it. 12:38 PM
Steve: That is one thing that I noticed on the touch screen reviews. The iPhones sensitivity was the best and most accurate. 12:38 PM
Me: yeah i got pissed off trying to use the touchscreen, and the keyboard would always pop up and get in your way on android. (sometimes it does on iphone too, but not nearly as bad.) 12:39 PM
Steve: I guess I wont switch yet. 12:39 PM
Me: I do think that in a year or so android will be pretty awesome, once more developers get onboard with it. 12:40 PM
Me: they have a keyboard app called swype that is incredibly awesome, you should look up a demo video online 12:41 PM

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